A Clean Space Is The New Black

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I have to admit to you something. I am fiercely in love with a clean space. I can’t think clearly if my home is a mess. In fact, if I wasn’t an interior stylist, I would be a home organizer/cleaner. It brings me great joy to clean my bathroom and make it sparkly clean. I may be weird but I’m proud of being OCD clean! Haha. I have friends that are as equally in love with a clean space but they’re not in to doing it themselves, which is totally fine! In fact, that’s normal, right? I always tell them that there is no condemnation. We all have things that we are good at and we must embrace those things in our lives.

I have a few favorite tips and tricks that ANYONE can apply to their space. When it comes to cleaning, it’s always better to do a little everyday. That way you won’t be having to deal with a large mess weekly. Here are my tricks of the trade.

+ Cleaning Wipes are straight from heaven. I always keep cleaning wipes in my bathroom to wipe down the counter and toilet each morning. It saves me SO MUCH TIME!

+ Keeping a lightweight, wood floor/carpet vacuum on hand will make your life easy peasy. I literally use mine daily just to keep things tidy and clean.

+ Vinegar should be your best friend. You can use it literally for everything! My favorite way to use vinegar for is to clean my floors. To wash no-wax floors, add ½ cup of white distilled vinegar to a half-gallon of warm water. Window cleaning with vinegar will make your windows sparkle and will not leave the usual film or streaks on the glass. Mix equal parts of white distilled vinegar and warm water. Dry with a soft cloth. You can also use vinegar to get stains out, clean your fridge, deodorize your garbage drain…and the list goes on!

+ A shower scrub free spray will keep your shower fresh and clean. And it will save you from having to scrub all of the time. I spray down my shower every single day, directly following my shower. It takes seconds and will leave your shower smelling fresh and clean.

+ Don’t forget about microfiber dusters. It really does the job efficiently and it’s so easy. No more dust bunnies! I tend to dust weekly and sometimes even more frequent. I hate dust. If you can dust and vacuum around the same time, these two tasks will start going hand in hand in your mind.

+ Lint rollers are a great option to clean dust and pet hair off of hard to reach or vacuum places. I use my lint roller on lampshades, sofa, doggie bed and other awkward shaped places.

+If it’s hard for you to focus when cleaning, set a time for 30 minutes and compete with yourself to see if you can finish all of your tasks within that time period.

So when it’s time for you to clean shop, apply these tips and you will not feel overwhelmed. I promise! And if you need some more cleaning ideas, check out these tips to help you clean your bathroom more efficiently from the cleaning experts at The Maids, with whom I’ve teamed up with for this post.



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  1. All of these tips are fabulous! I’m bordering on the OCD thing, but I have to admit, age has tempered my cleaning obsession a bit. In a house with a dog, lint rollers are lifesaver. Using them on lampshades is brilliant–I also use air duster for those hard to dust spots.