Pilgrim Diffuser via Simply Grove


Aromatherapy Bundle by Pilgrim Collection

Pilgrim Diffuser via Simply Grove

Remember when I posted about the Pilgrim Collection Zoe Diffuser? I’m still obsessed with it! Like I said in that post, Boise is really dry, so having a diffuser on throughout the day is actually super important. My son also deals with asthma and constant head colds, which is another big reason that we LOVE diffusers. Diffusers can help energize or relax you, provide sinus and allergy relief and also provide a safer alternative to candles and incense. They can even get rid of bugs! Diffusers are a simple and effortless way to weave more self-care into your daily life

Pilgrim Collection has done it again and recently launched the Aromatherapy Bundle, which includes the Teo diffuser and 3 essential oil blends. The Teo is smaller than the Zoe and perfect for rooms like the bedroom, bathroom and other smaller spaces. I have it literally right next to me at night. I can’t imagine not having it on throughout the night! The design of the Teo is simple and modern, so you really can display it anywhere. It doesn’t feel out of place or too bulky. Some features include a handmade ceramic cover, FSC-certified beech wood, thoughtful functionalities, including 2 different mist modes, and an ambient and meditation light.

Pilgrim Diffuser via Simply Grove

See how it can just snuggle right in to the design of your space? Because the shape is so sculptural, it creates a beautiful silhouette.

Pilgrim Diffuser via Simply Grove

The three essential oil blends that come with the Aromatherapy Bundle are SO yummy! Deep Breath is what I use at night. During the day it’s all about Fresh Plus. And then in the evenings while we are lounging at home as a family, I like to use Zen At Home.

Pilgrim Diffuser via Simply Grove

Pilgrim Diffuser via Simply Grove

I highly recommend this bundle for your home! As well as gift ideas for you and yours.

Shop Pilgrim Collection Aromatherapy Bundle here.

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  1. Can you please tell me where the black lamp with the double stem is from? I love it.