Article Light via Simply Grove

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Article Lighting

Article Lighting via Simply Grove

Lighting…it’s everything, folks. It can immediately make a space go from so so to awesome sauce. I have seen some amazing rooms with perfect furniture and accessories, but with random 1980’s lighting. It ruins the space. There are two lights that have entered my life that I can’t get enough of. One for their size and two for their soft glow.

Article, who is one of my favorite sources for sofas, also has fantastic lighting! When we first bought our home, I had very specific plans for the lighting. After seeing the Pivot lights from Article, I knew that I wanted the pendant in my dining room and the floor lamp in my family room. Both styles are large in size, which is perfect for bigger, higher spaces. My family room is very large. Smaller lamps can drown in a space this size.

Article Light via Simply Grove

via Simply Grove

Photos by Karen Krum

Article Light via Simply Grove

Photo: Hailey Wilson

Article Lighting via simply grove

Pivot Floor Lamp and Pivot Pendant


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