Wooden Bead Mirror DIY…

Last week I announced that SG has a new DIY contributor. Elise Vaughn has so graciously joined the team to bring some fantastic DIY’s to all of us. Take it away Elise!

Materials: Mirror, Wood Beads, Needle, Thread, Strong Glue.

First of all I found an old mirror that was the perfect size for the intended wall. I removed the mirror from its frame and separated all of the pieces.  You only need the actual glass mirror and the back board from the frame.  Luckily the backboard from my mirror already had holes drilled in it from where the screws held the frame together. (If yours does not already have holes- you will want to drill some for hanging on the wall and any other decorative pieces you may want to hang from the frame.) Next I then glued the mirror directly to the center of the frames back board, making sure that it had even spacing around the edges. My mirror was light enough to use a hot glue gun, however, if your is heavy- definitely use a more industrious strong glue such as gorilla glue or E3000.

Now the real fun begins- sketch out what you want the end result to look like and then gather the appropriate amount of wooden beads for the size of your mirror. For my materials I found bags of unvarnished wood beads in various sizes from my local craft store.  I used a needle and strong thread to string the beads together and then simply glued them directly onto the frame where I wanted them. I used the old screw holes in the back board to thread my suspending bead strings for an extra decorative touch. I added tassels that I made from creme yarn and presto, a quick and easy boho mirror!

Check out Elise’s new kids clothing line here.

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