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Beautiful Tubs

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Image: Lovely Life

Freestanding bathtubs, whether stylishly streamlined or intricately antique, bring a sense of sophistication and a relaxing atmosphere to bathrooms. These versatile fixtures not only are beautiful, but also incredibly inspirational for upping your bathroom game.  Some of the most beautiful bathromms that I’ve personally been in, have some version of a freestanding tub. When your planning the design of you bathroom, remember that if you choose a freestanding tub, you will most likely need a separate showering area. These tubs are primarily designed for deep soaking. However, some manufacturers do have options for shower attachments. Typically freestanding tubs need a larger bathroom space for full effect, but with some careful planning, they can work in smaller spaces as well. Whether you’re remodeling, starting from scratch, or just love to look at pictures of pretty bathrooms, I’ve gathered some of my favorite stand-alone tubs to motivate the inner stylist in you. 

The Floor Set Model

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Image: NY Times

The floor set model tub is firmly placed on the floor. Ranging from rectangular, oval, round or free-form shape, the tub’s characteristics set it apart from other tub designs. The flat, slender edges and defined minimalist lines give the freestanding tub a distinct modern look. The smooth contours and sides allow them to become focal points for the bathroom. This look is perfect for a modern, sophisticated bathroom. It also can be paired with a more traditional bathroom for a perfect juxtopoition.

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Image: Salad Days

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Image: Toby Scott

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Image: Salad Days


The Footed Bath

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Image: Crosby Studios

The second type of freestanding tub is the footed bath. This is one of the most popular types because of its elegant look. Whether you prefer the clawfoot look for an antique touch or veer towards contemporary wood and metal alternatives, the feet on the tub can be of any design. Don’t be afraid to mix styles and get creative! Also, choosing a creative material, like copper, can create the most beautiful look.

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Image: Mad & Bolig

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Image: House and Home


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Image: Christopher Sturman


Image: Blood & Champagne


The Slipper Bath


Image: Souvenirs of A Girl

The slipper tub is a piece that demands attention. Rising at either end, the tub’s shape mimics a shoe or slipper and is made for comfort and relaxation. The tub comes in either a single or double-slipper design. If you’re looking to make your tub the center of attention and love to combine aesthetics, the slipper tub is the right choice.


Image: Nate Berkus



Image: South Molton Style

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