Bedroom Tips

I was browsing Derek Swalwell’s photography portfolio and fell in love with some of the bedrooms that he has shot. They vary from warm to stylish to just really really relaxing and cool. Bedrooms can be easily overlooked, but my belief is that bedrooms should be a priority since you spend a whole lot of time in that space. Here are some simple tips to help take a bedroom from boring to beautiful.

1. Paint your bedroom a dark, moody color. Even if it’s just an accent wall, that will immediately create ambiance and drama.

2. On the opposite side, paint your bedroom bright white. And then layer patterns, textures and color around the room.

3. Invest in great linens. What makes your favorite hotel, your favorite hotel is most likely the bedding. Create that same feel by updating your sheets and comforter. Don’t be afraid to spend a little more. You won’t regret it.

4. Create your own abstract art. If you are wanting a large piece of art but can’t afford to invest in one, make your own. Use colors and shapes that you are normally drawn to.

5. Add gold and a hide, and you are set. Gold makes any space look fancier and cooler. And a hide will bring warmth.

6. Pastels are still cool. And they look oh so lovely in the bedroom. Make sure to pair them with neutrals.

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Comments (4)

  1. I am SUPER in love with both the first, and last bedrooms!!! I wonder if I can get Dominic to agree to a pink duvet. The gold is lovely too.

  2. I love the pastel pink bedding paired with the gray background. I feel like we so often see pink with whites and creams, but using it with gray seems to make it a bit more grown-up and warm!