Bob Grove…

My beautiful friend, Jennifer, who I like to call JB, was on the hunt for a new coffee table for her living room.  She called upon my help, in exchange for food & chai.  (BTW, that’s all I require from my friends).  So we searched and searched, and in the end decided that she needed a pallet table.  We looked at a few sources but the prices weren’t right, and the dimensions were to small.  Then all at once an idea hit me… my father in law!  Peeps, he has built my headboard, entryway bench, coffee table…the list goes on.  He is a wood working genius.  So here you have it.  JB’s coffee table, made by Bob Grove!  It’s perfect, right?!  Now all I need to do is get him a website, business cards, twitter account and a personal chef.  Seriously, if you are a local and you have a project or furniture request, let me know and he will give you a bid.

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  1. That’s lovely! My dad is the same way, but he gave up all his woodworking equipment when my parents divorced years ago. boo. I used to love “helping” him by sanding, fetching, etc. Someday maybe, i’ll have a workshop and dad can come over and help me build some awesome things!!

    Thanks for sharing, K!