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Last year Matt Pipkin, who founded Speak Your Silence, launched The Stitch which is designed to help move the issue of child sexual abuse from a taboo topic to a cause people love and supportBest part: 100% of profits go toward providing free counseling to individuals affected by the issue. It’s a life changing nonprofit that is worth supporting!

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Matt recently sent over some images of his studio, which is located in Boise. This world changing guy also has quite the eye for design. The table is the first thing that caught my eye. It’s a pine wood beam from an old store at the Mountain Home Air Base (Southeast of Boise), which was built in the 50’s. The ceilings used to have popcorn which was scraped and repainted.

via simply grove

via simply grove

Matt built the shelves himself. The floors are plywood from Home Depot cut down into 8′ wide planks, sanded, and painted with a 1 part paint/2 parts water mix, coated with clear Verathane. The brick wall used to be the exterior of a local building, the Pioneer Tent Building, and the billboard was signage over the back parking lot of a Packard Car dealer.

via simply grove

Visit Speak Your Silence Here.

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