Bubble Chandelier…

How cool is this bubble chandelier that Alison created??  You can create the same one.  Read more here.

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  1. Ok so I have bought some of these from CB2 a few months back to do just this in my dining room…but what do I use for light then? Should I really put a track light above? (Oh and mine are tealight bubbles…but I need more light than 15 tealights lol…I was looking for an arc lamp to use in the corner…Sigh-they are all still in boxes because I can’t decide how to do it…

  2. Kirsten, what an honor to be on your blog! thank you for mentioning the Frou Frou chandelier!!!! we really had a fun time creating it, and now want to make a few smaller versions.

    Jmae – we just bought an Urban Outfitters light kit and looped it through the grid we bought. Pretty easy for someone like myself that knows nothing about lighting…

    xoxoxo alison