Choosing the right rug for your space


Choosing The Correct Rug Size for your Space

Choosing the right rug for your space

Image: House Seven Design

Selecting a rug size… isn’t this task the worst? Don’t worry – we are breaking down all the main spaces of your home to help you decide what size is flattering and appropriate for your space. Hint, hint – bigger is better in most cases.

Open Concept Living Room:
First, let’s tackle your open concept living room. This, in my opinion is the trickiest when you are trying to define a space without any walls or architectural elements that divide up the use of one very large area. For this type of room we recommend making sure your rug is large enough where all furniture is able to float on the rug, but is not so large that it extends beyond the backs of your furniture too far. You don’t want it protruding into obvious walking pathways behind furniture.

Choosing the right rug for your space

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Living Room with Furniture Along Wall:
Next, you might have a space where some of your furniture flanks a wall and your rug aids in defining the space. In this case, you’d like your rug to be about 1/3 to 1/2 way under the front feet of the furniture, as well as all bordering furniture. If you don’t have any bordering accent chairs or seating then make sure your coffee table and more central pieces are completely on the rug and the rug extends beyond each side of the width of your main piece along the wall, like above.

Choosing the right rug for your space

Image: Sunny Circle Studio

Dining Room:
This is the most common rug selecting error made across the board. With dining areas, you simply have to go big or forego a rug altogether. If your dining table is too large for the space that will also get your proportions off on the wrong foot. Simply put, you should be able to pull out a chair and comfortably sit without the legs of the chair ever reaching the edge of the rug. If fact, a good 4-6 inches of rug behind a pulled out chair is best. However, you don’t want the rug nearing the surrounding walls so beware of leaving enough room from the edge of rug to your baseboards.

Image: Amber Interiors

Ahh, the bedroom. Another room where the rule of thumb is probably larger than expected. There are a few variations of how you can have your bedroom rug, but the safest and best bet is to make sure the width of your rug far extends your bed and if you were to draw a line from the outer edge of your nightstand it would line up with or land on your rug. As far as depth, the back edge of your rug should sit somewhere between the 2/3 and 1/2 way point of the length of your bed, ensuring when you wake up and land on your toes they are on your cozy rug and not the flooring beneath. If you have any furniture at the end of your bed whether it is a bench or a pair of chairs the rug should extend far beyond, where there is a clear walking path on the rug itself.

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