Comfortable Modern Sofas…

Image: Bungalow 5. Poster: Froh & Frau

Something that comes with the price of creating a modern space is using a stiff, well designed but not very comfortable sofa. I’ve had clients who have voiced their concern with modern design and it always includes the choice of sofa. These images show that just because you have a modern space, does not mean that you have to replace style for comfort. Here are some of my thoughts-

*If you purchase a straight lined sofa, style with large, fluffy pillows and soft textiles.

*Stores like BoConcept and Room & Board¬†¬†carry a variety of comfortable sofas. Even Ikea’s Karlstad holds it’s own in comfort.

*Place soft details around the sofa, like a plush rug and comfy ottoman. Those simple pieces will create instant comfort.

*Throw blankets are a must.

Image: Bodie and Fou

Image: VT Wonen

Image: Penelope Home

Image: Planet Deco

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