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Why Commercial Lighting Is Important

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There are so many options when it comes to commercial lighting. There is definitely more options in 2017 than even just a few years ago! When I started tapping into commercial design, I quickly realized that you can have a lot of fun creating a cool, hip space without skimping on style. Out with the boring, in with the exciting! When I designed Secret Agent’s Studio, we used lighting to add personality and style to the space.  We also used it to create specific zones in the space. Obviously you need more lighting around desk areas. It’s important to use lights that not only give off good lighting, but also match the style of that space. If you are working with a kitchen space, you need pendants or sconces, which will provide the right lighting for that area. And speaking of pendants, you can find a plethora of options!

 If you are working with a commercial space, or needing lighting in an office space, I have four tips to help make the decision easier.

  • Pendant lighting is perfect over individual tables, say in a restaurant. You could do one pendant for each table or dependent on table and pendant size try two or three lights.
  • For larger spread out spaces, say a retail store, long horizontal lighting will cover a lot of space and also make the ceiling visually attractive.
  • Choose your lighting based on the atmosphere. Keep it moody with dark colored fixtures or bright with fixtures that will emit more light and are light colored or clear.
  • Decide what you want your focal point to be in the space. If your furniture and decor take front stage go with subtle lighting with clean or soft lines. Choose a statement light fixture to make it the focal point and keep your furniture and decor subtle.

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  1. That’s a good point that even in commercial buildings the lighting should be the same sort of style as the actual space. Another important thing to think about is how harsh or not the light is on the employee’s eyes. Finding a good commercial lighting service would be very important to make sure that your business looks great.