Interior design and interior decorating have come a long long way! I remember when I started taking on E clients. It felt so fun and innovative. Have you heard of Decorist? Through a free, interactive design profile quiz, Decorist determines your individual style and provides daily, hand-picked home décor and furniture finds from a variety of sources. Whether your style is traditional, modern, or eclectic, Decorist offers three affordable designer services, delivered directly to your inbox, making interior design accessible and fun for everyone. That’s pretty awesome, right?

I recently had the chance to interview Gretchen Hansen, co-founder and CEO of Decorist. See our interview below.

What inspired you to start this website?

I have always loved designing my home.  At times, though, I have just wanted a little help pulling something together, adding finishing touches or getting fresh ideas.  I wanted “bite sized” help and couldn’t get any–it was full service or nothing.

How did you come up with the different categories on the site?

Getting to know our customers!  We spent a lot of time with our early customers learning their preferences and styles, and learning how to talk about them.

Did you feel that there is a need for more accessible design?

Absolutely.  Most women in the United States can’t afford an interior designer-we want to change that.  We have amazing designers ready to give “bite sized” advice–either by finding a perfect piece of furniture without the time, guesswork and stress of making a big decision,  helping you refresh your room with small changes or transform your room with bigger changes.

What is your own personal design aesthetic?

Like most women, I have a mixed aesthetic–mine is eclectic, classic, vintage.  I love antiques, but also love great vintage pieces from the 50s-70s.    I like casual, not fussy, comfortable furnishings with style and history.

Favorite decor magazine?

Domino back in the day.  They made design accessible.  Elle Decor is always a fun ride. Dwell is always engaging.

Favorite color palette?

I’m really into pink right now, all shades.

Favorite interior designer?

Can I mix Kelly Wearstler with Emily Henderson?

Favorite design blog?

Ms. Lilien.  Just fabulous, I feel stylish just looking at it.

Check out Decorist here.

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