Easy and Stylish Indoor/Outdoor Plants

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Easy and Stylish Indoor/Outdoor Plants

Easy and Stylish Indoor/Outdoor Plants

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Let’s face it, plants can be tricky to take care of, sometimes we simply do not have the time or focus to take care of our plants. That’s where these easy plants come in! We at the Grove house are constantly moving our plants around the house and even outside from time to time so, we found the easiest stylish plants for your home or patio. All of these plants can be used either indoors or outdoors!

easy indoor/outdoor plants

Easy and Stylish Indoor/Outdoor Plants

My favorite thing about all of these plants is they all can be planted in pots! So, I included below our Modern Outdoor Planter Round-Up board! Hit the link for all of the info!

Modern Outdoor Planter Round-Up via Simply Grove

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  1. I love all of these gorgeous plants + planters! Thanks for sharing. Do you have any experience with Fiddle Leaf Fig Trees? I’ve been growing one for two years now, and I’m almost to the point where I can bring it inside. (Hopefully the toddler doesn’t kill it.) Do you think it would do well inside?