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FrogTape Challenge Progress: Going Dark

FrogTape challenge via simply grove

This post is a collaboration with FrogTape®.

Last week, I shared the design plan for my living room as part of the Paintover Challenge with FrogTape®. I need to mention that I have been assigned to a specific theme. My theme is Fluid and Fashionable, which can be defined as effortless design with fluid style that has no beginning and no end. This trend allows for your eyes to coast along the space without seeing a crisp defined transition with style or color. You will see in my final post that I created just this! After contemplating the perfect color, in the end I chose Deep Dive from my new favorite paint line, Clare. I am absolutely obsessed with this color! It is a beautiful marriage of blue and green. I took a poll on my Instagram stories and had you choose between four Clare options. It was unanimous and Deep Dive took 1st place!

FrogTape challenge via simply grove

My cute hubby (aka “late night with Shane”, if you follow me on Instagram) tackles paint like no one else. He’s a perfectionist, which helps when it comes to painting. I, on the other hand, am not. So I serve water and snacks.

For this look, we painted the windows in the same color. To get the cleanest lines, and ensure none of the paint bleed on the windows, we taped off all of the glass. We used the FrogTape® Multi-Surface tape along the window frame, pressing down firmly. The secret is to pull back the tape while the paint is still wet. If you let it dry, you’re less likely to get that clean line. As soon as we had completed two coats of paint, we pulled the tape off on in one long, continual piece.

You’re going to have to check back in next week to see the reveal! I think you are really going to like it!

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