FrogTape Challenge Reveal!

This project is in partnership with FrogTape®. They allowed me to choose a space to makeover and provided me with painting supplies and $1000 to finish this design. Vote for your favorite here.

Today is reveal day! My living room received a fun makeover thanks to FrogTape® and their 2019 Paintover Challenge, in which 6 bloggers have a budget of $1,000 and a few rolls of FrogTape® to makeover a room of their choosing. Each blogger was assigned a different theme and I got Fluid and Fashionable. Fluid and Fashionable is described as effortless design with fluid style that has no beginning and no end. This trend allows for your eyes to coast along the space without seeing a crisp defined transition with style or color. Below you can see the space before the makeover. It was a white room, begging for some added color.


FrogTape design challenge reveal via Simply Grove

My design plan was to use FrogTape® to help create a very dramatic look in this bright, white space. I wanted to use paint to elevate the entire feel of the room. Because of the theme I was given, I chose to paint the room in Deep Dive by Clare. Deep Dive is a gorgeous blue/green color that feels timeless. To give the space that fluid look that is described in my theme, I painted 3 Ikea shelves in the same color as the walls. This created a built in look without spending a lot of money. It also gives a very fluid transition.

When I decided to use a dark paint color, I knew that our only chance at sharp paint lines would be with the help of FrogTape®. Our ceiling is a bit rough and non symmetrical, so we needed all the help that we could get. We used FrogTape® Multi-Surface to keep our walls and ceilings protected. It’s quite nerve wrecking when peeling back the tape, but never the less we were thrilled with the results.

FrogTape design challenge reveal via Simply Grove

I’ve had a collection of books, pottery and art from traveling that I’ve really wanted to display in open faced shelves. Deep Dive is a beautiful backdrop for some of my most prized possessions. The moody color makes objects look sophisticated and special. I also chose to lean my art against the wall instead of hanging it in a gallery wall format. The Ikea shelf is tall enough to give some much needed height against the vaulted ceiling. Also, The Frame TV by Samsung blends in with the art beautifully.

FrogTape design challenge reveal via Simply Grove

This room is right off of the kitchen, so when guests come over it becomes an entertaining hub. It now feels warm, inviting and even more “hub like”.

FrogTape design challenge reveal via Simply Grove

Painting these Ikea shelves was the easiest Ikea hack EVER! And the cheapest.

FrogTape design challenge reveal via Simply Grove

Normally painting around a fireplace can be tricky. FrogTape made it crazy easy. We did the same trick as before and pealed the tape back while the paint was still wet.

FrogTape design challenge reveal via Simply Grove

FrogTape design challenge reveal via Simply Grove

FrogTape design challenge reveal via Simply Grove
FrogTape design challenge reveal via Simply Grove
FrogTape design challenge reveal via Simply Grove

Below is a breakdown of how I used the $1000 in the room. I spent some money on accessories that I felt would elevate the style of this space. I felt like it was a must, especially since I was saving money on the shelving.

3 Ikea Shelves plus shipping- $230
2 large vintage pottery pieces: $200
Floor Lamp (Discontinued): $100
Plants- $90
Mud Cloth Pillow– $125
Paint Supplies- $45
Side Table (Facebook Marketplace): $98
Velvet Pillow: $99
1 small vintage ceramic- $18

TOTAL: $1,005

There you have it, folks! Now it’s time to vote!

From now until June 14th, I would love your vota! Click here to vote for my living space. If I win this competition , FrogTape will donate $10,000 to my charity of choice, Boise’s Dress For Success. $10,000 will  help women from all backgrounds, including domestic violence shelters, employment and development centers get the skills they need to land a job interview. Dress for Success simply provides them with a crucial ‘finishing touch’. They provide clothing as a symbol of our faith in every woman’s ability to success. It’s an amazing organization and I would love to support them with this donation!

Thank you for all of your votes!

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