It has been awhile since I offered a giveaway and what a great giveaway this is!!  The winner will receive 2 prizes!

The first is this gorgeous cashmere and wool necklace designed and created by Elise Vaughn of Brass Razoo.  Honestly, how perfect is this for holiday parties and anytime you just want to look FABULOUS!!  It is totally one of a kind.

The second item is Hijirik Studio’s letterpress poster, “Live What You Love”.  Framed or unframed, this totally cool poster would look great by itself or in a art collage.

To enter to win both items, leave a message telling me what you would do with either of the items. (Just an explanation for one item is great.)
To receive extra entries, become my twitter friend, like my facebook pageBrass Razoo facebook friend,  retweet the giveaway and or facebook the giveaway. Leave a comment letting me know you have done so for any of the options.
Giveaway will be open until Sunday at midnight.

Hope you win!!!!

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Comments (160)

  1. Um, is it totally selfish that I would keep both items for myself?! 🙂 I LOVE the necklace and the picture would look super cute in my family room.

  2. So cute! I have several Fall parties coming up and the necklace would be super cute with jeans or a dress…love it! For the poster- I would hang it up in my home office that is currently a work in progress. I am now following you on twitter and “like” you on FB!

  3. I’d hang the print in my walk-in closet to remind me daily to love what I do or do something about it so that I’m doing something I love!!

  4. If I win the poster would totally go in my room to add to the new decorating that I am doing and the cashmere wool necklace would be amazing to wear and look beautiful in photo shoots for the fall that I want to start on!!!!

  5. i’d hang this print in my workroom/studio to remind me not to give up on doing what i love!

    o, and i liked simply grove and brass razoo on facebook. not sure why i hadn’t already done that though. 🙂

  6. I will def be wearing that necklace this fall/ winter…. it’s absolutely fabulous!! You are so amazing and creative Cuz!! oh, and Tabs wants the poster!! 😉 love u girl!

  7. Oh my goodness that necklace is just gorgeous! I’m not sure that anything I do warrants wearing it, but my first thought was for our family Thanksgiving meal this year. It would look great with a solid tee or a turtleneck.

    Mandy @ This Girl’s Life

  8. Tammy would let ALL of her friends borrow her lovely Elise necklace (I heart BR!) and then I would smear hot red lipstick on my lips and give the beautifully letterpressed poster a big SMOOCH and hang it in my tiny house.

  9. LOVE! I would wear the necklace every chance I get, and relish in how wonderful it is– and hang the print in my office to futher inspire my nonprofit coworkers. 🙂

    p.s. do I get bonus points for my name being Kirsten?! (I love hearing about other Kirsten’s!)

  10. I would give the inspiring poster to my son and his wife. He is leaving his corporate job to join the Army. He is finally following his passion to serve.

  11. i will wear that peice everday and hang that poster in my room!! beautiful necklace!

  12. Would love the necklace to go with a fall inspired outfit, and the poster would go great in our living room! Thanks for the great giveaway!

  13. Love both items!!! I would wear that necklace to a wedding I’m going to in a couple weeks with this navy blue vintage dress I just bought today 🙂

  14. I would hang the poster in my office. I am a college advisor and always looking for new fun ways to inspire my students to pick something they love not something for the money!

  15. OOh I just bought new boots the necklace would look FABULOUS with them!!!!!

    The poster would go in my office and then when people would read it I would point to the fabulous necklace. 🙂

  16. the poster: I would try to find/make/paint a cool/elegant fluorescent pink frame and hang it on my almost finished white bedroom! 🙂

  17. such an awesome giveaway!!! I’d wear the necklace out to dinner and hang the poster up in my office for inspiration!! although the necklace would make such a great gift…hmm… 🙂

  18. adore the poster. i’d frame it and place in my office as a careful reminder that the desk job might not be forever. ; )

  19. I would wear the necklace every other Wednesday and to every single holiday party and frame and give the poster to my husband who just started grad-school to do what he loves!

  20. I would try on that necklace and see what I think. I love it but not sure if it would be too much for me…but if it was, I know just who I’d give it to. The poster…my husband’s office.

  21. the poster, my office for sure!!! necklace, you’d have to help me figure that gorgeousness out! and i’m friends with you on every available media + following you in person 😉

  22. Ha, I’m with Jenn, I follow you in person!

    I would wear the necklace when Israel wasn’t around, or he may want to get his sticky fingers all over it.
    The print would probably lean against the wall of our bedroom, though I imagine it would travel around other parts of the house as well.


  23. I would totally wear the necklace to an upcoming fall wedding! And the print, well I know a perfect spot for it in our newly renovated kitchen!

  24. I would wear that necklace with a chic little turtleneck, put my hair up, and head out the door to some fabulous party. Great giveaways!

  25. If I won I would def. pair that necklace with some fabulous fall boots and a simple gray top 🙂
    & I have to comment on the print because it’s awesome!- it would hang perfectly in my office…

  26. That poster is so cool! I’d love to hang it next to my bed, so I can look at this awesome message every day when I wake up!

  27. I love both of the items! I have just the spot for the poster- in our mudroom/hallway where all of my family would see it daily! Thanks for the giveaway!

  28. Ooooh; love the necklace: perfect for fall/winter! Love the poster too; would be perfect in my new studio 🙂

  29. First off the sign it says it all. I would hang it where my room mates and I could see it everyday….. A little added thought each day. The necklace I would give to my daughter who can pull off wearing anything…. It would make her smile and she would make the necklace a statement. at work and at play. Thanks for sharing your talents…. GOOD LUCK TO ALL THAT ENTER.

  30. I would put the poster in a red frame & hang it in my kitchen And wear the necklace for our family xmas card pic.-Kitty

  31. I love this necklace. I am trying to design my own metal jewelry and find inspiration from nature. This flower necklace is fabulous. I would wear it and be inspired by it!

  32. I’d give the necklace to my best friend, who is a beautiful artist- she’d love it!!

    Thanks for the giveaway!

    lesliedoll at hotmail dot com

  33. awesome giveaway! i’m in dire need of inspiration right now and currently working hard on it. i would hang that poster in our work room to inspire my husband and i to keep doing what we love to do and keep creating! it reminds me that one day it will all fall into place. =D

    that necklace is adorable…it would be my first new fall item to show off!

    thank you!

  34. I just love that necklace, it would totally make any fall outfit! The print would be just perfect in my studio.

  35. i LOVE these. i’m completely in love with the poster. i need it for my office! i just got a new iMac and this needs to be next to it!!!

    and the necklace is so amazing! i would love to wear it. it’s very fallish and would go great with a cute cardi!

  36. Great prizes! The poster would go immediately to a friend of mine who is worried sick about making a big life decision right now.

    Thanks for the chance to win!


    ejm6x (at) yahoo (dot) com

  37. I would give the necklace to my mother as a thank you for all the help she has given me with our new house.

    The poster I would keep for myself and put it in my studio – as inspiration.

  38. I would hang it in my newly decorated “mom cave” (ya know…like M-A-N cave..but for MOM!) I am trying to create my own little nook away from hubby & 4 kids. (It’s for my own sanity!) Thanks for the chance to win!

  39. I would put the poster where I can see it everyday, several times a day to remind myself that I need to love the life I live and not just to live a life. I think it would help me to get out of this funk.

    I’m following you on twitter @dearkeesha

    it’s a beautiful giveaway.

  40. The necklace would go perfect for any fall outfit. As for the poster, I would love to add this piece in my home office. They are both inspiring and simply beautiful!

  41. I love that poster! I’d hang it in my office to inspire me every day.

  42. I would keep the beautiful necklace and wear it to holiday parties, and I would give the poster to my friend who loves and needs constant affirmations!

  43. I would hang the print above my main bookshelf. I’m a librarian, but I often forget to read for fun because I’m so busy. And that necklace is gorgeous!

  44. i’d LOVE to hang “live what you love” in my new studio! it looks particularly snazzy on that hanger!

    i am also following you on twitter :): iartu_jennifer!

    have a good day! thanks for a chance to win 🙂

  45. I LOVE the wool necklace perfect for fall. I also love the poster. Would look great in my bedroom

  46. I’d wear the necklace to as many Winter holiday parties as possible – it’s gorgeous!

  47. omg I love that poster!! I think it would be great in a big frame in my front room. The necklace would look fabulous with a fall outfit i have!

  48. live what you love… perhaps my new motto? i would give it to my grandma, i won’t bother you with a sob story, but its perfect for this time in our lives. even if i don’t win, i think i will try to make something like this for her, thanks for the idea 🙂


  49. The necklace is amazing… I am getting married next fall and I think this would be amazing with the dress I have for the rehearsal dinner. I know, I am a bit of a pre-planner…

    And the poster would have to go above my front door… these are words to inspire each day. A perfect mantra to leave with.

    Simply beautiful.

  50. I would wear the necklace during Autumn, because it looks to be both pretty, and able to keep my neck warm during the cooler weather.
    The poster would go on the wall opposite my bed. So that it is the first thing I see when I wake up and the words will be in my head. It will turn into a subliminal message.

  51. The “Live what you love sign” is great. I’d hang it on a wall in my home office so I always have a reminder to keep pursuing my goal to be a full-time decorator 🙂


  52. Here in AZ the weather is finally turning. We are coming out of our air conditioned hibernating holes and doing some Fall cleaning to welcome the fresh, cool weather (yes, 86 is cool for us). The cashmere necklace just screams the season to come and would be a wonderful accessory for anyone to don be it dressing up a t-shirt (because it’s still in the 80s during the day) or a cotton dress complementing the necklace’s prettiness.

  53. What lovely giveaways. I would definitely keep the poster and put it in my office space as a reminder I have the BEST job in the world (birth doula). The necklace. SOOOO beautiful, I can’t decided if I’d keep it or give it to a friend as a birthday gift! LOVE>

  54. I would LOVE to have the poster in my studio!! How inspiring!

    I also liked you on FB! 🙂

    Thanks for offering this great giveaway.

  55. I commented on Oct.6– but, p.p.s. I’m also a fan of Simply Grove & friend of Brass Razoo! — not on twitter 🙁

  56. I collect necklaces and this one would add the perfect touch for any fall outfit. The poster is so fitting of what we should all strive for, we only live once.

  57. I would hang up this poster next to my bed. It can motivate me.
    And the necklace is perfect for autumn wearing.

  58. That’s such an inspiring message! I’d love to hang that sign in our office, to remind us to do what we love in life.

  59. the poster is so sick.it’s simple and outstanding. i’m finally getting around to creating a home office and this would be perfect. i have photos of my travels hanging from packaging string with clothes pins. i would probably add this to the collection already hanging (might be a bit too heavy, but i’ll work it out somehow) so that i could stare at it all day long.

    thank you for the awesome giveaway opportunity!

  60. oh! and i follow you on twitter (funny b/c i just signed up today and “followed” you before i read this post!)

    i’m @kendallcrow and i retweeted this post 🙂

  61. I would frame that lovely print and put it right over my couch to remind me to be true to myself and remember that it’s ok to say no sometimes!
    Thanks for the giveaway! foxsquirrelrabbit at gmail dot com

  62. I love the necklace! I would love to debut it’s stunningness with a chic miltary jacket from DownEast Basics new Fall line, or pair it with a dress from Anthropolgie! Details define the style!

  63. I’d love to wear that necklace in our family portrait this fall. I’m notoriously jewelry-poor, so it would be a hit, I’m sure. The design is such a stand-out I think I’d pair it with a simple white tank, jeans, and heels… and a fitted dark gray 3/4 sleeve cardigan, maybe… with small gold stud earrings to complement the warmth of the olive green leaves and provide rich contrast of gray + a warm color.

  64. I would proudly wear the necklace and tell all they must travel to Idaho to wear such beauty!
    The print would hang to inspire in my classroom.

  65. I gotta say I love them both…but I really want the necklace! I can see it over a simple white termal tee, my “jeggings”, and some knee-high caramel boots. I hope I win 🙂 Julie

  66. I would wear that amazing necklace to Thanksgiving dinner, and have to go buy a cream colored shirt to go with it. I would wear it so often that it would be my signature piece.

  67. oh, i’ve been wanting one of hijirik’s live what you love posters for ages. i need to just buy one, already!!
    i am doing a kitchen reno, and will be building a workspace, so i’ve been collecting a bunch of art from etsy to adorn my work wall. this would be perfect 🙂

  68. I would wear that gorgeous necklace the moment I opened it, no matter what I was wearing! Jammies, t-shirt & jeans, or Sunday best. Love that! Else, you’ve done if again!

  69. both pieces are perfect – fulfilling their purpose of exposing both beauty and truth. they would be great reminders to me of beauty in simplicity, and the joy that can be found in creating. i am truly inspired.

  70. I will hang that poster by my workplace so I’ll get reminded with its oh-so-simple yet so true message! 😀

  71. Oh great giveaway. Such a simple and strong poster, I would put in on my bedroom. And I would wear the necklace to some party! 🙂

  72. I just got my very first apartment and both prizes would be wonderful to start off this new adventure in my life. The poster I would hang by the door as I reminder everyday. And I think the necklace would be a great for the housewarming party and upcoming holidays!

  73. I am loving the sign!! I would hang this in my kitchen. The graphic black and white would look fab with my turqoise(y) walls. 🙂

  74. I would totally rock that poster in a vintage frame painted pink. Heck yes!
    Thanks for the giveaways!

  75. Twitter follow, check. Facebook fan, check. This necklace is fabulous! I’d wear it to parties, out dancing, to work, and I just might sleep in it. 🙂 And the poster, well, considering this is my new motto, I’ll be sure to hang it where I’ll see it first thing everyday, to remind myself to fall in love with life.

  76. I love the poster and i think it would apply to everyday life well! My husband and I do ministry work with a high school group and to remember to live my life with love and to show other people an amazing love that i get from above…How everyone should be treated with that kind of love! Its such a simple but can be a strong poster…it would be awesome to hang by our door just as a reminder! both amazing pieces! You guys always do an amazing job! 🙂

  77. I would hang the poster at the end of my hall (I’m an RA in a freshmen girls’ dorm) so that they would all be reminded to live passionately.

  78. ahh i love that necklace!!! i would either use it as the perfect xmas present or share it with my twin sister!!! =)

  79. I would wear the necklace with a new skirt I just bought from Anthropologie. That necklace would work with most everything from that store!

  80. The necklace is something that I would wear often because it goes with my style! I wear a lot of Anthropologie items, and I could see this necklace being a perfect match! I’m also a fashion/editorial/commercial photographer – and would love to have a piece to style with as well. It’s so beautiful!

  81. I would frame the print and put it on my poor blank wall in my craft room, and then I would wear the necklace to work and make my coworkers jealous. : )