Philips Lighting Via simply Grove

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Guest Room Renovation

Philips Lighting Via simply Grove

I recently re-decorated my son’s bedroom, so it could also serve as a guest room since we don’t have one in our home. I needed to “adultify” his room (sorry Ethan!) and make it a more versatile space. Here are a few of my favorite tips and tricks when designing a multi-purpose guest room.

  1. Keep the decor simple while introducing texture. First, this means minimizing the clutter – you want a clean space for your guests. But by mixing patterns, for example, you can still make the room feel warm for your guests…without having trinkets everywhere.

Philips Lighting Via simply Grove

  1. Layer color. Paint the room a striking shade. In this case, I chose a dark blue to give the space an interesting mood. AND add plants. I know, I know. We say plants should be EVERYWHERE, but it’s true! They add to the color and create visual interest.

Philips Lighting via Simply Grove

  1. Don’t skimp on the linens. This will make or break you as a host! Ok, maybe just a little bit. But in all honesty, you don’t have to spend a lot of money to find good, quality linens that both make the room look great and your guests more comfortable.

Philips Lighting via Simply Grove

  1. The right light makes all the difference. I once stayed at a hotel that had fluorescent lighting. It was awful and didn’t make for a nice ambiance. Because of that, I’ve become sensitive to the lighting throughout my home, including in my son’s room/our make-shift guest room.

I simply replaced the standard bulbs in the table and floor lamps with Philips SceneSwitch LEDs to give our guests the option to select the light tone they prefer. All they have to do is flip the light switch on and off to get a bright Daylight; they might want this setting when getting ready for the day. Then, they can flip the switch to get a Soft White shade for unpacking their suitcase. They can flip the switch once last time to get a cozy, Warm Glow, which is nice when winding down to go to bed.

Philips Lighting via Simply Grove


You can really see the difference between each of the three light scenes. Now if only all hotels would include Philips SceneSwitch in their rooms, guests would benefit greatly!

I am so happy with how this room turned out! I think we created the perfect room for both guests and my son to enjoy.

Disclosure: Compensation and product for this post was provided by Philips Lighting. Opinions expressed here are my own.

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