Happy Monday…

Happy Monday everyone!!  Can you believe that Thanksgiving is next week???  Craziness!!  Wasn’t it just summer?
I had a packed full weekend.  Bridesmaid on Friday, hosted an adoption seminar on Saturday, ill child on Sunday and now Monday….running errands.  Not my favorite event but I have to get them done!!  Did you have a good weekend??  Was it busy?

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  1. hello there! not my first visit to your blog, but my first comment 🙂 let me introduce myself then, my name is twiggs (well, is actually claudia…) and i am the editor of {…a place for twiggs} and have been following your blog, though sometimes in a hurry! however you always post such beautiful things! concenring weekends, yours was for sure a busy one 🙂 for me it was all about family+friends+work… 🙂 take care! twiggs