Corner Office via Simply Grove


How To Create A Corner Office

Corner Office via Simply Grove

Image: The Style Files

Just ask and I’ll be the first to admit, working from home ain’t no joke. Of course there are perks…flexible hours, wearing pjs to the “office”, that kind of thing. But when it comes to staying focused and being productive, well, that’s another story. It’s just so easy to get distracted. And, all too often, one distraction leads to another.

That’s why I’ve made the commitment to work from a dedicated office space. Seriously, working in an area that is well-designed, inspirational, and equipped for the work you’re doing — it makes all the difference in the world. And it doesn’t even have to take up an entire room. If you’re tight on space, or simply wanting a minimal work area, the “corner office” is the perfect solution. The trick is that it has to be styled smartly. No clutter piles, tangled wires, and huge filing cabinets. I’m talkin’ clean and minimal, here…with maybe a few plants thrown in.

Corner Office via Simply Grove

Image: Stadshem

I love how this bright white workspace almost blends into the background. All the proportions, from the desk to the bookshelves, are slender and spare rather than heavy or clunky.

Corner Office via Simply Grove

Image: Dadaa

When I’m working in front of a computer for hours, window light is an absolute must. This well-lit corner space is so soothing and inviting. Everything has a very Scandinavian vibe, especially considering the simple furniture and neutral colors. A few plants add just the right touch of greenery.

Corner Office via Simply Grove

Image: Vintage Revivals

Mid century pieces are a great way to keep things from feeling too “office-y”. Other textural elements, like a patterned rug and sheepskin throw, work equally as well in this type of space.

Corner Office via Simply Grove

Image: Inside Out

This built-in shelving and desk combo is absolute genius. It’s efficient, space saving, and beautifully designed. Yeah, I could work here.

Corner Office via Simply Grove

Image: Britta Nickel

Holy plant wall, Batman! This shelving design is so simple, yet completely amazing. Each shelf is styled with such fun art pieces and gorgeous greenery, you barely notice the computer screen hovering below. High fives all around.

Mindy Bucklew/Simply Grove Contributor

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