How To Decorate Around A TV

How to design around a TV via Simply Grove

Image: Decor Dots

I recently received an email from a reader who needed some advice on how to decorate around a TV. He wrote me saying, “I was wondering if you have plans to feature design inspiration, or how-to’s for televisions. In all these mid-century styled home, and modern style homes the TV is rarely featured, but it’s something people use everyday”. I TOTALLY agree! In most styled spaces, the TV somehow disappears. It is a hard accessory to decorate around, but it’s possible! Below are some simple tricks to decorate around your TV.

How to decorate around your TV via simply grove

Image: A Cup Of Jo

My most favorite way to decorate around a television is to include it in an art gallery (seen above). Use a variety of sized frames but make sure that there are frames that are larger than the TV. Using black frames also allows the TV to disappear a bit. Also a college of photos and interesting prints remove the focus of the TV.


Image: Futura Home Decorating


Placing your TV on a media console and displaying decorative items around it can create a more artistic approach.


Image: My Scandinavian Home


If you don’t want to commit to hanging art a large selection of art on the wall, lean an arrangement around the TV. Also place books and ceramics near and around art collection for a cool vignette.


Image: Nordic Days

I think the number one key for decorating around a TV is keeping things clean and minimal. Also when the media console/buffet is awesome, you forget how big and shiny the TV is. TV’s will never go away so we might as well embrace them!

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  1. Great post! I’m decorating our new living room right now (a room that is so awkward to lay out!) and the tv interferes with all my aesthetic wishes. I think I’ve figured it out, and we’ll hope that the man of the house doesn’t disagree 🙂

  2. Televisions have changed a lot over the past decade. As a result, so has the way we decorate around them! If the TV is centrally located, I also like to hang pictures around the television to add a unique flair to the wall.