Keeping it clean via simply grove


Keeping It Clean

Keeping it clean via simply grove

So here’s the deal. Every January I get the “spring cleaning” bug. I get super OCD and I start cleaning every corner and crack of my house. I’ve had  a list of cleaning to-do’s that I’ve abided by for years. It goes something like this.

  1. Cleaning behind the fridge.
  2. Clean the dryer vent.
  3. Deep clean the fridge and pantry.
  4. Steam rugs and furniture.
  5. Wash the windows.
  6. Clean and degrees the oven.
  7. Reduce the clutter.

During the flu season, Clorox Laundry Bleach can be a great option for not just bleaching your sheets, but also cleaning toilets and sinks. I use it anytime I know the stomach flu is hot and heavy! I also use Clorox Disinfecting Wipes to wipe down remotes, door handles and anything else that we touch with our hands.

Two other products that are fantastic for flu season are Clorox Clean Up Spray, which removes tough stains and kills up to 99% of germs, and Pine Sol, which does the same for the floors. 

Cleaning Tip for your bathtub:

You should break out the Clorox bleach, mix ¼ cup per gallon water and put rubber gloves on. This will get rid of 99% of the germs living in your bathtub.

You can buy all of these products at your local Home Depot. Happy cleaning!

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