Laundry Room Makeover

This post is brought to you by Home Depot and I couldn’t be happier with the results!

If you’ve followed our renovation journey, you know that when we bought our house, the washer and dryer were located in the kitchen. See below.

Nothing like cleaning clothes while baking chicken!

We made a temporary fix and moved the washer and dryer to the garage. Shane created a cozy little room and it worked well, except when it was freezing weather. We knew that we wanted to move it inside eventually, but we didn’t know where it would go.

Our home has four traditional bedrooms, the master suite and three guest bedrooms. Two of the guest bedrooms are normal sized, but one of them is super small and narrow. It just felt too small to have a bed, dresser and anything else for that matter. My son used it for his room and then a good friend lived with us for awhile. After she moved out, the room fell vacant and ended up being a catch all room. We brainstormed what to do with it and finally realized that it would be the perfect laundry room! Below is what it looked like as Ethan’s bedroom.

Cute, but too small! You can see that the door opened right into the bed. It just wasn’t functional. So, after much planning and consideration for the space, we made the decision to transform this space into a functional and very FUN laundry room.

Ta dah!! My dream of having a pink laundry room has finally come to pass! I partnered with Home Depot to make this laundry room dream come true. Why wouldn’t you want to fold laundry in a french candy store? We chose Modestly Peach from Behr for the color. My favorite thing about this color of pink is that it changes tones throughout the day. You can see in the pictures that sometimes it looks salmon peach and other times it looks bubblegum pink. Both are fine by me!

{One thing to note is that we have a few more things to finish in this space, including building a wrap around the washer and dryer to allow for a flat surface space.}

For me, the perfect laundry consists of lots of STORAGE. Our house was built in 1957, which means it hardly has any storage. The linen closet is teeny tiny. My dream was to have an entire closet designated for all of my linens. I also really wanted storage space for extra kitchen items and all of my cleaning supplies. Having a sink wasn’t important to me. We are eventually going to build a dog washing area in the garage, so that’s where our utility sink will go.

Let me explain the storage. The room already had a closet, so all we had to do was rip out all of the old shelves, paint and add new shelves. It was an easy project. For the doors, we used beautiful sheets of light oak plywood and attached them to a track that I found on Amazon. So simple.

Now for the fun part! The room has a long wall on the north side that was screaming for storage. We went back and forth on what to do. One thought included having a whole wall of custom cabinetry built. Another idea was using Ikea cabinets to keep things easy. In the end we found two large cabinets that are actually made for your garage. We sprayed them the same color as the wall, added black hardware and voila! We have custom looking cabinetry for a fraction of the price.

Anther easy detail is this floating shelf that I painted the same color as the walls. I needed something simple to house my laundry detergent and dryer sheets. I didn’t want anything bulky and big. My main goal for this room was to keep it simple and airy. I wanted to have fun folding my laundry. Not to feel stressed and overwhelmed.

Here you can see a peek into my linen closet. My niece organized and labeled everything for me. Such a dream!

Also, the floors are another budget friendly secret that I HIGHLY recommend. They are glazed porcelain tiles that are incredibly durable and inexpensive. They look super fancy in person and completely un-high maintenance. I’m such a fan.

Can we talk about this sconce?? It’s just so cool and vibey. It also gives off the right amount of LED light. Not too bright but not too dim.

Here’s a peek into the wall cabinets. I couldn’t be happier with this storage situation. It’s a dream for someone with OCD tendencies:)

Above is the Home Depot products and materials that made this room possible. Happy Shopping!

Paint, Floating Shelf, Sconce, Wall Mounted Cabinet, Porcelain Tile

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  1. Love the idea of a laundry room where you can put all the linens! This is very fun (you went all out)! We only have a washing “closet” but it’s upstairs where the bedrooms are which is fantastic (I will never have a laundry room anywhere but upstairs for the rest of my life). I hated having to bring everything to the main floor or basement growing up at home or when I was in my first apartment. When I bought my first condo it was great to have everything on the same floor and now our house is a newer built (4 years old) and it was designed with the bathroom upstairs (genius if you ask me). I just have to push my heavy filled up baskets from the corridor to the bedroom to fold my laundry sitting on my bed (I call it the lazy fold ;p)