Let’s Talk Shop {Finding a Coffee Table}…

Finding the right coffee table can be quite a challenge.  Getting the right fit for your space isn’t an easy task.  I always prefer larger scaled tables so that I can display more items but then again, simple, smaller tables look clean and uncluttered.  Then there’s the decision on what material or wood to use.  So many choices!!  Here are a few tips that I always consider when looking for a coffee table.

-Decide if you want your coffee table to take main stage or be the best side kick that it can be.

-When choosing a coffee table for a small space, make sure that it’s multifunctional with a good amount of storage and room for those awesome collectables.

-Your coffee table can bring color into your space, if working with a neutral space.  Consider choosing a fun, bright color.

-Natural materials can make the best table.  Consider rock, wood, cork and other organic materials.

-If you’re trying to save money, consider using un-table tables like suitcases or a bench.

-Shop thrift shops, flea markets and garage sales for creative alternatives that don’t break the bank.

Whatever you decide, have fun with your coffee table decision!!

Image via Femina, The Design Files and Emily Summers.

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  1. I love that second coffee table! Clean lines, beautiful room and still space to place baskets or something for storage underneath. Beauty!