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Living Room Rug Ideas

PlushRugs via Simply Grove

Today marks 8 days in our new house. If you’re following me on Instagram or Snap Chat, you’ll see that we’re moving fast on the Simply Grove renovation. We’ve got a tight timeframe that we are trying to stick to. One of the rooms that we set up quickly was the living room. We needed one room to lounge in, especially because the rest of the home is in disarray. Thanks to PlushRugs, my living room feels completely cozy and comfortable. Because I can’t, and don’t want to show you full pictures of the home, I at least wanted to show you snippets of this May-6 rug from the Maya Collection from PlushRugs. It’s my new favorite!¬†It’s a modern interpretation¬†of the classic Morocan Berber carpets. I am an advocate for rugs. They can change a space from drab to awesome! This specific rug took our living room and modernized it but didn’t take away from comfort.


PlushRugs via Simply Grove

PlushRugs via Simply Grove

PlushRugs has branched out from only having rugs and has recently launched HedgeApple, a great source for furniture and home decor.

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  1. Hello! I love this home. So pretty. I love the geometric wallpaper! Triangles. Yummy.

    I’m also a blogger. I blog about art/lifestyle and diy mostly. I was searching for beautiful style blogs that I enjoy so that I can expand my blog community. <3

    I'm looking for any blog-community building advice you could offer as well! I think it's more tough when one has their own domain; it's standalone from the community. I've heard of bloggers promoting content through blog listings like bloglovin', as well as sites where you can earn promotional opportunities for having good content content like Advowire ( Do you use any of these sites to promote content or to collaborate with other bloggers? Do you know of other sites/resources you'd like to recommend?

    Thank you so much for reading! Hope to hear from you. xox