Lovely Fall…

Fall is literally right around the corner.  Its like summer jumped on a bike and drove away as fast as its little feet could go!  I blinked and Summer was gone.  Though I love Summer for its many activities, Fall is a gorgeous moment of the year.  Cool weather, trees developing into the most beautiful warm color pallets, spicy scents, rich textiles and the list goes on.   Below are a few things that I LOVE about Fall design!

Wood beams instantly warm up a room.

Camel tones and tufts.  Can’t go wrong.

Distressed furniture and books galore make a space feel so cozy.

Fall doesn’t require just orange tones.  Pale, clean colors can mix well with all colors.

Cozy kitchens.


Modern mixed with rugged.

This has nothing to do with fall.  I just love it!!

via Living Etc., Anthro, the marion house book, Flickr, sfgirlbybay, UO, Flickr and Anthro.

Speaking of Fall, have you gotten your Whoogas for this year yet?  If not, go here.  You may even win a pair!!

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Comments (6)

  1. Fall is my absolute favorite! I miss the Midwest this time of year because Southern CA, although beautiful, doesn’t have the true Fall that I love. Your pictures capture Fall perfectly!

  2. I was looking at blogs that were posted on twitter #intdesignerchat and I’m so glad I did. Your blog is great and one I feel I will follow for a very long time.
    About this post….what great wood beams in the first picture, I just absolutely wish I lived here and crawled up on the sofa on a cool day with a good book….
    Pic #2 – Cool sofa, Pic #4 Nothing better than a simple monochromatic simple centerpiece, Pic #7 Door as an accessory back-drop? Never thought of that, but will now!, Pic#8 Agreed, great chair!
    Thanks for sharing!