Modern Family House Tour

via simply grove

via simply grove

via simply grove

via simply grove

via simply grove

Happy Monday! Let’s start the week with a fun modern family house tour. This Scandinavian apartment is on trend, fun and relaxed. Makes for a great family space! The patterned wallpaper is a pop of personality in this clean, white space. Here are a  few details that make this home awesome-

1. Mix of woods.

2. Poster art.

3. Black grout in the kitchen.

4. An infusion of grey, black, white, natural materials and pops of color.

5. Books.

6. Art leaned against the wall as apposed to hung on the wall.

Have a great day!!

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Comments (9)

  1. This is a lovely combination of textures and materials that give it a more lived in feel. Stark white interiors are certainly are not believable for me anymore.

  2. There are so many ways you can decorate an apartment! This Scandinavian style apartment is simple and homey at the same time. The geometric pattern in the mudroom is bold, but also compliments the décor.