{CLOSED} Mother’s Day Giveaway #1

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Congrats Shauna Wright! You’re the winner! Email me your address at simplygrove22@gmail.com.

It’s Mother’s Day week! So to celebrate I’m offering a couple of giveaways. This first giveaway is from MoMA Design Store. The compact and wireless Doxie Go will make it easier to go paperless when you are on the go (and gets you organized in the process). The Doxie Go (retail value $229) is compact, wireless and rechargeable allowing you to scan important documents, photos, recipes and sketches without needing a computer. It’s quite brilliant! All you need to do is leave a comment below. I’ll announce the winner this Friday. Good luck!

Check back tomorrow for the reveal of the One Room Challenge.!

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Comments (69)

  1. This is one cool little gadget – Happy Mother’s day to all the tireless warriors we call mom.

  2. This is an awesome giveaway! My moms phone is filling up with photos she can’t print – she would love this!

  3. this would be truly wonderful! I’ve tried other scanners and have never had luck finding one that’s good with pictures! There are so many albums my Mom and I wish to digitize for safe keeping and this would help tremendously!

  4. My mom would love this, although I would have to teach her how to use it. It would be very helpful and she could finally stop carry around so many papers and things in her purse, they could all just be on her computer!

  5. This would make my life so much better! My drawers would be more organized, no more piles of recipes ripped out of magazines, a great too for my coming health coach business. Anything that makes my life easier when I have a 9 month old is good!!

  6. I’ve never heard of this before.. How fantastic! Love this little “green” gadget

  7. Oh man, I totally need one of those. Papers are my achilles heel in household management!

  8. I have been doing pictures with the –put 4 pictures in my printer scanner then open close put pictures in scan then go to paint and cut each picture out-one at a time then cropping it putting it in file-going back and forth. I lose three or two pictures if I don;t save. lots of time need to go through this..I am doing family tree dating back 1800..over 5000 pictures and I am on year 3 or 4 now of doing this and I could have shared with my mom and her sisters and brother who I was doing this for…But Mom pasted away day after Christmas and her brother a few months later. I have 2 Aunts left and I kind of gave up. I could not get pictures half way done with the printer scanner I have. so this one looks like it could have been done less time and stress..To bad I didn’t have doxie when I started..Maybe I could have finished my project and shared with my Mom if I did. Thanks for your time.

  9. My mother has so many hard copy photos thrown all over the place when the few photos she has digitally make her so happy…this would be perfect for her!

  10. Would LOVE to give the Dixie Go a try!!! It’s definitely time to give my PaperPort/Nuance a rest…..& ditch the cord.

  11. My mum’s on the go a lot, this would be perfect for her. Blessed Mothers’ day to all mums, you guys rock!

  12. I was just thinking about scanning my photos! I want to simplify/organize my pictures – this would come in handy! Thank you! and Happy early Mother’s day 🙂

  13. How neat!! I would love to scan documents on the go! I hate being stuck on the road and I realize I need to scan something.

  14. Thank you for being a blessing! It’s the small things like this that make it exciting and motivating to follow you. Muuuaah!

  15. yes! I am so tired of the piles of filing! I would love to go paperless but the idea of getting there is intimidating. I would definitely need an efficient way to scan.

  16. I NEED this in my life! Every time I turn around I’m surrounded by more paper it seems like, haha.

  17. I so need this to finally get organized!! Looks amazing. Happy Mother’s Day!

  18. I have been needing one of these in my life. Thank you for sharing and for doing the giveaway! If I don’t win this is going on my wish list.

  19. What a great gadget! This would be so convenient for organizing family photos!

  20. What a brilliant little tool to help organize!! Paper is filling up our lives quickly recently with all the appointments + life changes we have recently been experiencing (from my husband’s job-transfer to my son’s crazy schedule). This definitely looks like something that could help!!

  21. Hello Kirsten
    I’ve discovered your blog and really enjoy reading through it 🙂 I’m adding if to my weekend links today on mine!
    Loving this wifi scanner as well, I’m getting crazy these days in reinstalling my printer+scanner, my pc seems to not recognize its usb what a tragedy!!! 😉

  22. Oh my goodness, my mom needs this haha I didn’t even know this existed, its pretty cool!

  23. Thank you for offering this giveaway. I have to first comment on John Wayne. I am still watching his movies on Me TV, black and white and color. My sister and I are die hard western fans and nobody can understand that, but we grew up watching westerns. Saturday morning and a good John Wayne western. Thanks again for the entry!!

  24. the tool I was looking for! I was unsure whether to go for a classic polaroid due to its size.
    with this one, I just need to carry my phone and print pictures at the end of the day back home!