Muted Inspiration via Simply Grove


Muted Tones

Muted Inspiration via Simply Grove

Image: The Style Files

I’ve been noticing a steady trend growing in the interior design world lately and I am really digging it. Muted tones are everywhere….have you noticed? Soft grays, dusty pinks, powdery blues, and sage greens. These subtle colors seem to be taking over in so many of the Pinterest and Instagram feeds I’ve scrolled through recently.

And the resulting spaces are absolutely lovely. The effect of these muted tones really helps to create that calming, lived-in look that so many of us are after these days. Curious to see more? Take a look at these beautiful interiors….

Muted Inspiration via Simply Grove

Image: Home Decor Ideas

Soft and sophisticated are the first words that come to mind when I see this living space. Sandy colored walls and pleated pink velvet chairs work together in total design harmony.

Muted Inspiration via Simply Grove

Image: Almost Makes Perfect

This understated entry is the perfect “welcome home”. Lighter wood tones and ivory walls create a palette that is both clean and serene. The addition of natural woven baskets really helps to complete the space.

Muted Inspiration via Simply Grove

Image: Three Birds Renovations

How pretty is this bedroom’s pastel color scheme? Each of these soft colors works together to compliment one another, rather than creating a high contrast effect. Rose gold wall sconces are the perfect lighting choice.

Muted Inspiration via Simply Grove

Image: Van Het Kastje Naar de Muur

I could just curl up in this hanging chair for the rest of the day, couldn’t you? Heavy use of textiles such as a throw blanket, pillows, and textural layered rugs creates that undeniable laid-back, cozy vibe.

Muted Inspiration via Simply Grove

Image: Desire to Inspire

The thought of too much gray may sound overly bland or one-note, but this modern kitchen gets it oh so right. The subtle contrast of the marble countertops, black bar stools, and dark window trim is just enough to take this space from boring to spectacular.

Mindy Bucklew/Simply Grove Contributor

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