My First Post!!!

Well, I am starting a blog to highlight and chat about the many fun things that surround design and decor. There are so many amazing designers and web stores and decor company’s and magazines and books that are very worth talking about! I want to start posting about the things and items that make me happy and make my heart go pitter patter.
My name is Kirsten and I love all things surrounding design. (Sounds like an AA class).) I have my own interior decorating business in Idaho. I have worked with both residential and commercial. My greatest passion is staging and making a room look incredible. I love taking what someone already owns, pairing it with new and fresh things and seeing the owner happy and comfortable with there home. I love making a beautiful bed, arranging a collection of stuff , mixing fabrics that most people wouldn’t think would work, taking different styles and merging them, organizing a bok shelve and the list goes on. My home never looks the same from month one to month two. I change rooms on a very consistent basis. My style and taste leans towards Glamorous, bohemian, modern and cottage country. (My friends call me Glamorous Modern.)
I hope that you will find enjoyment out of my blog and get lots of ideas and inspirations!

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  1. Oh Kirst! Congrats on your new blog! I love it, and will frequent it often!! You’re the bestest! LOVE YOU 🙂