christmas My house

My Home during the Holidays….

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Comments (26)

  1. I can testify.. your home is just beautful for Chrsitmas!! my favorite is your tree! and I LOVE the outside with the candles in the jars.. I think you need to post a pic of that..

  2. Your tree and decorations look lovely, and could your new little puppy be more adorable?

  3. you home looks so elegant and beautiful. i love small things, so the tiny tree with the kissing angels are my favorites.

  4. Looks great Kirsten. Kalah told me you were doing yellow for Christmas & I thought, "good luck finding yellow ornaments!" but it looks like you made some yarn ones…? I made some too last month & sold them at my craft show. Yarn is great for Christmas eh?!

  5. Inspiring and beautiful, love all the white decorations, I’ve been collecting a bit of white and sparkle this year, it’s so festive without being overboard.

  6. your tree is perfect! and the added yellow, i oved the wreaths on the fireplace and the cone trees! love your decorations.

  7. Thanks everyone:)
    I did make them {J}. It was to hard to find the right shade of yellow. I wish I could have seen yours! I bet they were lovely!!!

  8. it looks amazing! usual..i’m sad no flock on the tree but the yellow makes me happy. also luv the mini tree with the aqua green!

  9. Kirsten, that baroque mirror is fab! Dorothy Draper would be MAD for it. Happy Holidays!

  10. Kirst, Love the pops of yellow…I really like your cute little yellow owl as well!

  11. The color palette is just beautiful. Warm, soft and elegant. Your home is, as always, just gorgeous.