My kids bedroom…

Image taken by Allison Corona.

The image above captures a brief moment when my kids bedroom was clean and tidy. This moment is few and far between. Because my kids share a room, it has become a playroom, workroom, sleeping room and entertaining room for their friends. My husband and I have been talking lately about moving my daughter downstairs and giving my son his own room. Well, his own room until we adopt again, which we are hoping will happen this year. Our house is a decent size but lacks in bedroom space. Because both of my kids are getting older, they are ¬†getting more bossy and easily annoyed with each other at night. I know they love each other dearly, but that’s clearly not the point when you are 7 and 8. Whatever happens, we will make it work and give our kids the space they need. Heck, they could bunk with us!! I kid I kid.

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Comments (2)

  1. Love it! I’m just starting to figure out how I want to change my daughter’s nursery for a toddler’s room…

  2. Just love this. I’ve been trying to find a open shelf just like this. Any suggestions?