Article Timber Sectional via Simply Grove

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My New Sectional

Article Timber Sectional via Simply Grove

Introducing my new sectional! Backstory. We have lived in our current home for 2.5 years now. On one hand, it seems like we’ve just moved in. On the other hand, it feels like we’ve been here for forever. When you’ve lived in a home for more than a year, you start really understanding the space and your own personal needs in that space. It took us awhile to realize that the family room would become the immediate hangout room when large groups visit. At first I assumed that our living room would be the gathering room, but I was wrong. So, after we crowned the family room the king, we knew that we needed way more seating. This is where the job of a sectional becomes very very important. Let me introduce you to our new friend, Timber.

Article has always produced fantastic sofa and sectional options. This time around I settled for the Timber sectional in rain cloud grey. It’s not a huge sectional, but it still seats the perfect amount of bodies. It can be used in small spaces and/or a medium sized space. I love the size and scale because I was still able to use two chairs and a large bench.

Article Timber Sectional via Simply Grove

One important thing to note about the Timber is that the cushions are feather filled, which makes the comfy scale go up drastically. I could watch movies for hours on this sectional! It’s so cozy. And with it being so comfy, it still looks streamlined and modern.

Article Timber Sectional via Simply Grove

I chose the rain cloud grey because I’ve always been a fan of light grey upholstery. I think it looks clean, stunning and can be mixed with most colors of the rainbow. They also have a dark grey option, which is beautiful. In fact, the dark grey would look awesome in a really bright room with mostly light tones.

Article Timber Sectional via Simply Grove

via Simply Grove

Article Timber Sectional via Simply Grove

I displayed the Lucca velvet pillows on the sofa in both yarrow gold and cascadia blue. I’m obsessed with both of these color choices right now!

Article Timber Sectional via Simply Grove

Shop the Timber sectional here. And for more of my favorite Article pieces, visit my Pinterest page!

Images: Hailey Wilson for Simply Grove

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Comments (7)

  1. I love the sectional, chairs, and rug! gorgeous setting the grey sectional stands out yet blends in with the decor. Sectionals are my favorite especially since i have company over often.

  2. Having feather pillows has drastically made my living room more comfy. Glad you did the same!

  3. I love your living room! Those Lucca velvet pillows suit perfectly on the sofa.

  4. I love light grey as well, for the exact reasons you mentioned. It is a very versatile color that can be matched with any aesthetic

  5. I’m in love with this furniture. I’d never think to match these pieces together but everything came together so nicely. Absolutely love this!

  6. I love these designs! Will definitely try to incorporate some of them into my new apartment.

  7. Hi !
    Are you still pleased with your Timber sectional?
    I’m considering buying one but I’ve red many comments on Article web site saying that
    the fabric is pilling badly and looking warn out after just a few months.. very hesitant.

    Thank you !