Nebia 2.0 Shower head via Simply Grove


Nebia 2.0 is the best Shower Experience

Nebia 2.0 Shower head via Simply Grove

There’s a few simple things in life that make me super happy. One is enjoying a perfectly toasted piece of bread. Another is a rich cup of coffee. And my most favorite is a long, hot shower. I am currently in shower heaven, thanks to Nebia! Nebia created a shower that makes less water feel like so much more. Talking from personal experience, this is a shower like non other. It blends the best of a steam room and a powerful shower. 10x more water hits your skin while saving 65% of your water. Say what?!?!?

Nebia 2.0 Shower head via Simply Grove

“The Nebia Spa Shower envelops you in warm steam and spray. With 10 precision-tuned nozzles that atomize water, Nebia delivers millions of microdrops to hydrate your skin far better than ordinary showers.”

My favorite feature (besides the sleek and modern design) is the duo heads. You have the main head and then you have the nozzle. Both allow for a perfect shower. The crazy thing is that you have so much water coming towards you but you are STILL SAVING 65% of your water!

Nebia 2.0 Shower head via Simply Grove

Nebia 2.0 Shower head via Simply Grove

With easy self-installation, Nebia Shower can be installed effortlessly without the need
for contractors, plumbers, or broken tile. If I can install it, you can install it!

Nebia was also built to accommodate everyone from the tallest to the shortest. The Nebia shower slides 27” up and down to accommodate everyone in your home, and guests of all sizes. The 27-inch adjustable mounted sliding bracket, 45° tilt shower head and removable mounted hand-wand work together to create a completely customizable shower experience.

The Nebia 2.0 is available in two brand-new finishes of high-grade powder coated aluminum, Matte Silver and Matte Black.

Nebia 2.0 Shower head via Simply Grove

Another piece to this puzzle that is a game changer is the Nebia Shelf

Nebia 2.0 launched on Kickstarter yesterday and is now available for pre-order with exclusive deals available for early backers. For more information, see my Instagram!

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  1. That shower looks amazing! At first sight, the connotation is like “high tech” it’s important to reduce the consumption of water but at the same time still having a nice bath. I saw this which is about: “how to choose a perfect showerhead” and the one that you posted here is really cool because of fits with the good style/design, I don’t know the price though, but it’s eco-friendly and that really matters.