Oh man…

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Yesterday was quite the day.  I am in Oregon visiting family this week.   I started receiving emails early yesterday morning that my blog had been hacked and that computers were getting viruses from my site.  If you were effected in any way from the stupid virus, I am super sorry!!  The problem is fixed now!  I still cant believe that it happened.

On another note, I am having so much fun being with my family.  Bend Oregon (my hometown) is beautiful but a bit cold right now.  I am going to try and thrift shop tomorrow with the kids.  I have heard that there are some great shops in this area.  If you know this area and if you have any suggestions, let me know!! Be back soon! xx

image via Adore Vintages Flickr photostream.

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  1. Yes, I live in Bend and love it 🙂 Deja Vu is a great place to find vintage pieces on Century Drive. Have a fun!!!

  2. Enjoy your trip. I’ve never been anywhere quite as beautiful as Oregon, and my family and I thrifted like a bunch of crazies when we were out there (Bend, Zigzag, Portland, etc.) I have since seen many things on Ebay that I found in stores out there. Go figure. You live and learn.

  3. Cannot believe you are in my town! I hit EVERY thrift store here EVERY week. If you really want to slum it (in a good way) try PaK It on 8th & Wilson. For a longer list give me a call 541-977-4209. I stalk your blog, but other than that I’m totally normal:)



  4. I hate when crazy things like that happen! Glad it’s fixed. And I’m very glad you’re having a great time 🙂 I’ve never been to Oregon & have always wanted to go! Enjoy the rest of your trip!!! xo