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One Room Challenge Fall + Week Four

ORC via Simply Grove

Hey, friends! Week four of the One Room Challenge is upon us, and you can see that the room has been completely cleared. This week my father-in-law took down all of the popcorn ceiling and retextured the entire ceiling. It still needs to be painted, but IT LOOKS SO MUCH BETTER! Popcorn ceiling or “cottage cheese ceiling” can really age a space. It makes it feel very 1970’s. The moment it’s removed, replaced by a nice texture, the space feels so much cleaner and up to date.

Next on the schedule is the installment of the trim work and molding. After that has been installed, the room will get a fresh coat of paint. I promise you that you won’t recognize the space. And this will all be done without redoing the floors, which my in-laws will tackle later. For now, we are focusing on the ceiling, walls, windows and furnishings. Like everyone says, it’s amazing what a fresh coat of paint can do!

via simply grove

By the way, I wanted to let you all know that the reveal date has been extended to November 15th. Never have there been so many natural disasters in so many states leading up to, and during the ORC. So to make everything run smoothly and for shipments to be delivered on time, the reveal date has been moved to the following week. It’s going to be good!!

See you next week!

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