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I love the look of having only bottom shelves in a kitchen. It makes the space seem so open. I am not sure if its very practical.   You would probably need some sort of pantry or really organized shelving unit.  What do you think?

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  1. I am addicted to this idea, and this kitchen is pretty perfectly executed. I would need one tall pantry cupboard though, and maybe a floating shelf.

    I love your blog by the way!

  2. To me this kitchen seems empty and uninviting. I don’t know how excited I would be for dinner at this person’s place. Surely not someone who loves to cook.

  3. I find the idea “topless” actually quite good. but now that I see it so it looks as though something is missing. perhaps a scmales shelf space that would be the equilibrium return, just because the cabinets below so dark.

  4. i agree with the last post, this kitchen seems super cold. the thing i love about kitchens is how warm and inviting they seem… this one seems so… blah.

  5. i agree with the last post, this kitchen seems super cold. the thing i love about kitchens is how warm and inviting they seem… this one seems so… blah.

  6. I love no overheads but it does have to be done the right way. My dream kitchen is a galley (with walk-in butler’s panty at one end), no overhead cupboards and some floating timber shelves to display favourite wares. My idea of perfection 🙂

  7. When we bought our current home 2 years ago, we were able to choose many of the finishing details as it was new construction. It’s a very open plan space and we decided not to have upper cabinets in the kitchen – we hoped to maintain that expansive clean feeling. The cabinet maker told us that we’d be calling him in a year, begging him to put in uppers. But we’ve loved it from day one – it’s open and airy and unique. We’ve put up some framed drawings done by the kids and a great framed photo of Jimi Hendrix so there is warmth in the personality on display. We’ve never missed having the upper cabinets for storage since we have a large armoire in the dining room to store dishes and glasses and a small pantry built into another wall of the kitchen. We’ve received many compliments on the kitchen and think it’s just perfect. Truly the heart of our home.

  8. i adore this kitchen! it is so beautiful, i think one of the reasons i don’t enjoy cooking at the moment is because my kitchen is purely ugly. ugly and cramped.
    just have a butlers pantry around the corner and some minimal floating shelves to pull your eye up and voila- heaven

  9. Well I love having no overheads, and I don’t have any since 4 years now – and don’t regret it! It is not looking cool and clean and not inviting. It is as Jennifer described it, put some personal stuff in there, pictures, photos, or a wall tattoo and you have warmth and personality. My perfect kitchen is having a centre working place (a veeeeery large one, at leat 1,20m x 3,00 m) and I am happy! Actually my Ikea kitchen (the UDDEN modules) meet grannys old buffet and it’s looking sooo lovely:-).

  10. I love this idea and hope to do it in our next house–don’t you think it forces you to live with just what you need? All that frou-frou stuff and occasional stuff can go in a pantry or sideboard or something. 🙂 When we remodeled our mtn house, we took down the upper shelves and it functions well…but then we aren’t there everyday, but I suspect it would work.

  11. We once had a kitchen where, instead of upper cabinets, there were windows overlooking the deck. However, there were a million lower cabinets and drawers so I never missed the space. I absolutely loved it and now find kitchens that hold a lot of upper cabinets overwhelming and claustrophobic. If (when?) we build Our Dream House I envision a kitchen with no upper cabinets, clever usage of the lower cabinets, and lots and lots of windows.