Organize 101 (Drawers)

Lets begin SG’s Organizing series with the dreaded junk drawers. (This one is dedicated to Joy, Marie Louise and Christine.) Now, I’m not going to try and give an organizing counseling session but simply post images and little ideas to inspire us:)

The one thing that is sure to work to get those drawers under control is drawer dividers! (Martha)
Instead of filling a drawer with miscellaneous keys, install a little cabinet by your work space or door to store your keys. (Martha)
In your kitchen utensil drawer divide your utensils up into groups. Spoon group, whisk group ect.. (Real Simple)
Even if your drawer is not perfectly grouped it always looks tidy with the help of dividers and trays. (Real Simple)
The Container Store carries a wide variety of dividers, including these bamboo trays.
eHow gives us these 6 easy steps for an organized drawer.

*Empty the drawer entirely.
*Sort the items into categories, e.g. pens, paper, rubber bands, paper clips etc.
*Discard items that are broken or dirty.
*Donate or recycle items that you have an excessive amount of. You may find yourself with 47 pens. Even if you place a few pens in each room, you’ll still have too many!
*Clean out the drawer, and if desired, insert a drawer liner.
*Insert the drawer organizer into the drawer and begin organizing your items. If the organizer is packed full, then you need to purge some more.

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  1. Oh how I want my drawers to look like these!!! I always pretend…but it never turns out. {Perfect for the one weekend when I know peeps are checking out the space, but never after.} These trays are ideal. Hmm…

    I’m really, really appreciating this series!