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Organize 102 (Bedroom)

This is the one room that I think (personal opinion) is overlooked the most when it comes to not only design but organization. It is always at the bottom of our list because A. we don’t think its as important as the rest of the home or B. its easier to shut the door and ignore the problem. My question to you is How do you sleep at night??? hehe. Here are some suggestions and inspiring images.
(This one is for Bandelle, Kelly, Ericka, Jane, Annie, Meagan, Naphtali, Jenny, Kalah, Teal Chic, Courtney and Suzanne.)

Keep your bedroom SIMPLE! (Easy Living)
Start using those pieces in your bedroom for actual storage. Don’t just have furniture for looks. Utilize every piece. Also utilize under your bed. Get long flat bins to put stuff in and then slide them right under. (Blueprint)

Less is better. Don’t overwhelm your bedroom space with stuff. Only allow yourself minimal pieces of furniture to allow room to breathe. Chairs are great in bedrooms but make sure they don’t become coat racks:) (Living Etc.)
Simple…. (VT Wonen)
Paper your room for visual purposes. It will add warmth and art without cluttering up your walls. (VT Wonen)
Keep your nightstand clutter free. Only allow yourself a certain amount of magazines and books by your platform bed. (Decorati)
This piece is perfect for storage and it looks fabulous. Only having a few items on top looks so nice and clutter free. (Twenty2)
If you have to have a work space in your bedroom keep the desk top almost bare with a few decorative items so it doesn’t give off the impression of an overwhelming office space.
(House to Home)
(Living Etc.)

Let your bedroom reflect you. The colors and patterns you love, your favorite scents, textiles that feel good to you. Don’t allow it to become a storage space. And don’t let it become a giant laundry basket! Sweet dreams:)

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Comments (10)

  1. I wholeheartedly agree with you…our bedroom has always been overlooked. I look forward to the day when I have a “real bed”. 🙂 Thanks for the lovely inspiration.

  2. Love these bits of inspiration and great round-up! You’re so very right…my bedroom is always the last place I “design” in the house. Which is really sad isn’t it, should certainly be a top priority! I always seem to get so stuck when it comes to making decisions with our bedroom furniture, paint, etc.

    Loving these pics…

  3. Thank you for this post! Our bedroom has been the last one on the list, mainly because I just cannot decide on a bed frame. Your warning about chairs becoming coat racks was funny because it’s too easy to dump your clothes there at the end of the day.


  4. “Giant laundry basket”…that is SO my bedroom. 6 people’s worth of clothes all piled on my floor…ugh

  5. this is so inspiring!!!!! i’m already re thinking some things in my room! Thanks SG! you’re simply great! 😀

  6. wonderful-wonderful photos and tips for organizing. i think you’ve put some inspiration in me for the guest room. {good thing for when you come for a visit….}

  7. Oh thanks sissy for the amazing tips for the bedroom!!!! I need to get started on that space- making it look good! And I agree- less is more. The bedroom should not be work space, but a sanctuary! 🙂

  8. These are all great! Best tip, don’t let your bedroom become storage space! I must remember that!!!

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