Our Potted Christmas Tree…

I posted a picture of my potted Christmas tree on Instagram and got a really great response from people wanting to do the same this Christmas season. The reason we decided to go this route is because we want to re-plant it once Christmas is over. Our good friends have a gorgeous farm in the area and have already reserved a spot for our little tree. If we wanted to chop it down next year and use it for our Christmas tree, we could. But I think we might continue to make this a tradition and continue to find homes for these trees. If we had a big enough piece of property at our home, we would just make a forest of trees!

One piece of advice. Invest in a really good/sturdy pot. Ours got a crack due to the roots and started spraying water the other night. It was AWESOME!

Image: my instagram.

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Comments (4)

  1. What a great idea! I always grew up with a real tree, but hate the idea that it’s life is over in January. When we were growing up you’d take the trees down to the beach and they were used to help erosion control…so I felt that was a bit better than now when I live in the city. I’m not sure what happens to the trees. This year we opted to not get a tree as we lie in a 2br that’s also where I work…and has turned into a little factory. We need to get the business out of the home so we can have our home back…but I’m definitely going to look into this for next year! There is nothing like the scent of pine during the holidays.

  2. You spot for your tree is reserved!! And yes.. That was so awesome when the pot broke! 🙂 🙂