Outdoor kitchen via Simply Grove


Outdoor Kitchen’s

Outdoor kitchen via Simply Grove

Via Pinterest (do you know source?)

Hey friends! How’s your summer going?? Do you feel like it’s actually summer? I’m trying to wrap my head around the fact that time FLIES by in your adult hood. I swear yesterday it was Christmas. Regardless, summer is here and the outdoor entertaining has begun. With outdoor entertaining, an outdoor kitchen is an added bonus. One detail that I love about my own home is our small outdoor kitchen. I would love to eventually add a sink and a few other details, but for now it’s perfect! I’ve been scouring Pinterest for outdoor kitchen kitchens and I’ve found some options that are both super stylish and super practical.

Via Homes To Love

There’s a few a details that make an outdoor kitchen really work. Here are my top picks.

  1. Stove or Grill. This makes cooking eating a synch and keeps the smell outside.
  2. Fan. If you’ve ever wondered how to get rid of those annoying flies, turn an overhead fan on. They’ll leave in seconds!
  3. Sink. This makes all outdoor cleaning so much easier.
  4. Under cabinets. Hide everything away!
Outdoor kitchen via Simply Grove

Via Dwell

Outdoor kitchen via Simply Grove

Via Jessica Paster

Outdoor kitchen via Simply Grove

Via Atlantic Byron Bay

Outdoor kitchen via Simply Grove

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  1. Absolutely love the use of mixed-tone wood in this! Whilst some aged oaks will not be cheap, you could use some more affordable Malaysian plywood etc. to achieve a similarly natural appearance. Thanks!