Overstock Dream House via Simply Grove

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Overstock Design Challenge PT 1

Overstock Dream House via Simply Grove

If you follow me on social media, you saw that I was a part of Overstock’s very first #OverstockStyle Weekend and Design Challenge a few weeks ago. It was an absolute BLAST! Along with Jenny KomendaDabitoCassandra LaValle and Ashley Wilson, I designed a space using only Overstock items. It was supposed to reflect my style as a designer. But more on that in a later post.

When we arrived in Salt Lake City, we were greeted by the Overstock team, and can I just say that there wasn’t one person that I didn’t fall in love with! They were so nice and kind to all of us. They treated us beyond well, and they believed in our brands. After arriving, we toured the Overstock headquarters, Peace Coliseum, which was super impressive. You can tell that Overstock has built itself around sustainability (Peace Coliseum is LEED Gold Certified!) and a focus on a positive work environment, which  was very evident on this Friday evening  when our tour collided with a team cheering on a giant slinky on its way down the stairs to end the day.

After we finished the tour, we headed to the Overstock Dream House. We had NO IDEA that the design of each room was inspired by us, the design bloggers, and styled completely with Overstock’s product. It was spot on! They chose the dining room for me. I literally squealed when I walked in! The chairs, rug and dining table were exactly something that I would choose for my own home or for a client. 

Overstock Dream House via Simply Grove

After I Instagrammed this space a few weeks back, I got the most comments on these chairs. Well, here they are folks! They’re leather and they swivel. Is there anything better?? The size is right, the color of leather is perfect and the legs are not bulky, which can happen on a swivel. You could easily use this chair in a dining room and in an office! I may just have to introduce these in my own home.

Overstock Dream House via Simply Grove

I’m all about large interior planters. I have so many large plants in my house, and sometimes it’s tricky to find something that is good quality and affordable. These two planters are perfect for fiddle leaf figs and even cactuses. I also love using industrial grey in modern and mid-century spaces. It breaks up wood tones that can sometimes feel overwhelming.

Overstock Dream House via Simply Grove

Another hot item in this room is this blue rug. It’s HUGE! And such good quality. I also love the tone of blue. It’s not too overwhelming but still makes a statement. This is another piece that can go in several rooms. I can see this in my living space or my bedroom. Blue is an easy color to use in any room. It blends well with other colors.

Overstock Dream House via Simply Grove

I want to give a big shoutout to Overstock’s styling team for styling the heck out of this home. Their attention to detail was spot on, and it was amazing to see the wide range of décor available on Overstock come to life through our signature looks.

You can head over here to see the rest of the home and the other designers’ spaces!

Thank you Overstock for creating this magic!! Now, can we move in?

Shop the room- Rug, Dining Table, Bench, Dining Chairs, Buffet, Planters, Dinnerware, Flatware, Napkins, Art Print, Black and White Painting.

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  1. I love the planters and that rug! I think I need to add to rug to our bedroom. That is cool you got to visit Utah, we just moved from there and I miss it! How awesome that they chose items that are totally your taste!

  2. Love your style! We are about to move, and I see so much on this blog that I want to incorporate in our designs 🙂