Pendant Light DIY…

Ok, this may be my favorite DIY that Elise has tackled thus far! It’s stylish, easy to achieve and goes with a variety of aesthetics. Be inspired and take notes!

What you need:

Clamp light
Gold spray paint
Electrical plug replacements
Wire cutters
Wooden beads

Disassemble the clamp light.

Spray paint the light cage gold.

Cut the electrical cord towards the end close to the plug.

Thread the wooden beads down the electrical cord. Follow the instructions that come with the replacement plugs to put your electrical cord back together and PRESTO!

Cheers, Elise (Check Elise’s kids clothing line here.)

DIY designer, styling and photography: Elise Vaughn.


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Comments (8)

  1. The pendant looks great! Do you know who made the fiber art on the wall? I have a piece that looks exactly like it and I bought it at an antique store. I’m just curious to see if maybe an artist made them or if there are more out there. Thanks!

  2. Absolutely stunning blanket/bedspread. Can you share who makes it or where you found it?