Pillow Love…

Another fantastic pillow announcement!  The Swedish textile design company, Bemz, is now launching a unique “Artist Series” collection of digitally printed and specially designed cushion covers. Developed by Bemz’s in-house designer Katarina Wiklund, the fabrics feature both classic and retro designs, new on-trend neon colours and interesting trimming and detailing.

I think I’m in love with all the designs shown here!  The colors and patterns and spot on with the trends we are seeing around the web.  There are lots of options to choose from and I think everyone will find something they love!

“The new collection includes five different designs, ranging from digital prints based on landscape photographs from 19thcentury postcards to patterns inspired by the recently renovated Fisksätrakyrkan (Fisksätra Church) outside of Stockholm. The patterns will only be available as cushion covers as a part of the Artist Series Collection, and all of the fabrics are made of natural materials like the rest of Bemz’s products. The collection will be available online and at Bemz’s Inspiration Store in Stockholm from today.”

Happy shopping!!!



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