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Choose The Right Rug Pad

Via Simply Grove

I’ve accumulated quite the collection of rugs over the past few years. Vintage rugs, moroccan rugs, cotton weave rugs, I love them all! With dogs and kids, rugs can get sloppy looking without a rug pad, or so I’ve learned! While it’s been an afterthought, a rug pad is an important part of protecting your flooring and preserving your rug. It also minimizes the chances of a slip-and-fall from a loose area rug. A properly padded rug will feel softer on the feet, look better to the eye, and last longer than a rug with no padding underneath.

Rug Pad USA makes rug pads for all types area rugs and flooring. All of their products are manufactured, packed, and shipped from our factory in Ansonia, Connecticut. Their mission is to offer high-quality, eco-friendly, sustainable, made in the USA alternatives to imported PVC and plastic rug pads that are usually loaded with chemicals and can damage floors and finishes over time.

via Simply Grove

I added a rug pad to my vintage rug from Revival Rugs. It had a tendency of bunching up when walked on. Now it’s unmovable and feels plush to the feet. I chose the Superior Lock 1/4. Superior Lock has plush cushioning with a one-of-a-kind, high-performing checkered natural rubber backing. It anchors the rug while providing a thick layer of cushioned support to preserve your rug’s beauty and extend its life.

via Simply Grove

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