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I Instagrammed my studio this week and got some inquiries about my desk. I’ve had this desk for a few years now and I’m just not getting tired of it. My father in law built the sawhorse legs and my husband built the top. We used Surface Skin from Blik to cover the desk top. Though it doesn’t offer storage. it offers all of the tabletop space that I need! Go here for a somewhat easy sawhorse desk DIY. If you’re not in the place to build one, Ikea has these leg options and tabletop options. Below are more sawhorse desks to feast your eyes on.

via simply grove

via simply grove

via simply grove

Images: 1,2,3

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  2. I really do like this look for a desk. It’s the finished but unfinished look that seems to be gaining in popularity. i.e. industrial look. I’m on board…I love it!

  3. I love the Studio-Appearance of the work area on the 2nd to the last image. Your designs are crisp, clean and refreshing – I am categorically sure that thee people who are ACTUALLY going to utilize these living/work space will most likely increase their productivity two.. maybe three-fold. ^_^

  4. Great working. I support your valuable working. Saw horses are the essential tools for wood cutting. It is used many kinds of furniture issues. Such a saw desk saw table, etc. Keep going.