How to Get the Scandinavian Aesthetic in Your Living Room

Via Coco Lapine Design

I will never get tired of the Scandinavian aesthetic! So fresh and so clean clean (sorry, had to do it!) I absolutely love a clean space and the Scandinavians DO IT BEST!!! Clean lines, muted tones, fresh air and light is what’s especially needed to accomplish this aesthetic, but I have some additional great tips for you to hit this aesthetic out of the park!!


Via New Zealand Design

Start with a monochrome palette and slowly work in muted tones if that’s what floats your boat. most importantly, paint those walls white and go from there.

clean lines

Via Coco Lapine Design

Clean lines in your furniture is key! If you’re questioning what Scandinavian furniture looks like….. say helloooooo to Ikea!


Via Domino

Via Coco Lapine Design

Add some texture to your space to help break up the clean straight lines. Accomplish this with a rug full of texture, a thick woven pouf, and/or a soft light fixture.

wood accents

Via Domino

How to Get the Scandinavian Aesthetic in Your Living Room Via Simply Grove

Via Behance

Wood is a beautiful accent in a Scandinavian home! If you truly want the authentic look, go with light colored wood. And for the love, do NOT get carpet! Additionally, a wooden ceiling is always a great touch.


Via Scandinavian Home Staging

Via My Domaine

Scandinavia isn’t exactly warm…… A fireplace is a staple in a Scandinavian home! I love fireplaces (I have 2!) I also love how functional design is incorporated in Scandinavian homes, look at that wood storage!!!

decor & function

Via Brit & Co

Speaking of function, the Scandinavian aesthetic is very minimal which means every piece of furniture needs to have a function! Along with function, its a big plus if you use any flat surface to place decorative items. Just don’t clutter!!! That’s a BIG no no.


Via Domino

Via Domino

Place a plant in the corner in a clean designed pot and call it a day! Cacti and fiddle leaf plants like these above are never a bad way to go!

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  1. So excited that the Scandinavian home decor design was next on your list. It is my favorite, I love how they use a plethora of home textiles in different textures. It brings a sense of comfort and warmth to a colder design and it adds depth to the space.

  2. My goodness..!! Scandinavian home decor design is very interesting..!! All the wooden effect floor combination with white theme looks luxurious..!!
    So excited to watch this theme..!!