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Favorite feature in the room? Least favorite?

via Red Online.

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Comments (28)

  1. Favorite – the stove. Hands down. *drool*

    Least favorite – the shelf as storage. It’s cute in pictures and maybe works for some people but I can’t see it being a viable option for me/my family so I tend to not like it in general.

  2. Love the open shelves- Blue pots-and quiet calm. Wouldn’t normally like those chairs- but they look great in the space.

  3. I love the juxtaposition of the modern clean lines in the shelving and lower cabinets vs the rustic farm table, but I am in agreement, don’t love the farm chairs…..also, I ‘d like a cup of joe from the press =) xoxo Shelli

  4. Hmm. I agree — lots of plates! Love the stove. Love that there’s a table in the middle instead of an island. Love the utilitarian feel. Where’s the warmth? More comfortable chairs perhaps? Fun post! xoxo

  5. favorite: over all calm feeling… it’s so neat and tidy
    least favorite: chairs…. I’d paint them some soft shade of grey, turquoise, teal, or maybe coral… not anything too bold and bright, but something to give a hint of color

  6. Favorite: the mix of modern and rustic comfort–not easy to do, but well done in this space

    Least Favorite: Ummm, there’s no butter (that i can see) for that yummy bread.

    P.S. Shannon’s comment made me chuckle, I thought the same thing.

  7. Favorite Feature: open shelves, love, love, LOVE THEM

    Least Favorite: White walls — I’m just not a fan. I like bold, in-your-face, no-turning-back color. Here, I’d go either midnight blue or goldenrod.

  8. I wanted to come back and comment again because I knew something wasn’t right. ALL THOSE PEPPER MILLS! Bizarro. The plates don’t even disturb me, just the pepper mills. Looks like a dozen or more.

    Ok, I’m really done this time.

  9. I think it looks clean and comfortable… I couldn’t do this for myself, though, because I like my dishes covered for the most part. Also, I don’t care for those particular chairs. I like retro cafe style chairs… the table is awesome, and the range.

    Some of those mills could be for salt… I have three flavored salt mills from salts I got in Italy. One is red chili and sea salt, one is Himalayan pink sea salt, and another is herbed sea salt, ha ha. But you have to be able to TELL what is in each, so these particular mills wouldn’t work for me!

  10. The stove looks amazing. Looks functional but in the coolest way possible. Also it’s hard to see but I may also love the counter tops, is that grey stone I’m seeing?

    There’s a wee bit too much open shelving for me. I like a combo of cabinets and open shelves for the pretty things. I have no desire to see our multi coloured sippy cups out in the open all the live long day, haha! I’d have to hide them in a basket or something!

  11. Love it! Favourite is the grey tones and open shelving I don’t have a least favourite.

  12. favorite- the bread!!! least favorite- the lack of backsplash…. with so many beautiful tiles to choose from, why wouldn’t you take advantage?

  13. The way we cook, anything above the stove would be greasy and dusty in no time. I definitely require a hood in my kitchen- and a backsplash to make cleaning easier!

    I love those raw wood elements though, it certainly warms up a spartan kitchen!

  14. Teeny tiny coffee pot for a kitchen with so many plates and pepper mills! Beautifully shot and love the simplicity, but I wonder if it’s actually a bit cold in reality.
    I’m drawn to lovely photo shoots like this even though I live in a clutter zone!