Simply Styling by Kirsten Grove


Simply Styling book is almost HERE!

Simply Styling by Kirsten Grove

You know what I can’t believe?? I can’t believe that I wrote a book. And furthermore I can’t believe that it’s already available for PRE ORDER…say whaaaaaaaaa??? Simply Styling is almost here!! And it’s an actual, physical book… and it’s going to be released in exactly 57 days!

When I first started this process, I had (and still have) no idea what I was doing. In fact, when Sterling Publishing reached out, I thought it was a joke. It has been my passion since I was a four-eyed red head to work in design. I never knew how that would transpire and I still don’t fully know what the end result will be. But I do know that I LOVE helping people style their homes and I especially love creating a space that tells a story. It’s so easy to decorate a space using all items found from one showroom. But it’s meaningful and beautiful to use items that have been found on travels or passed down from generation to generation. I am all about encouraging the stylist in all of us!

Simply Styling by simply Grove

This book will take you from room to room, giving very practical ideas on how to create a styled home that you can be proud of! Have you ever wondered what to do with your grandmothers silver platter that you somehow inherited? Or those elk horns that your husband is so very proud of? I bet that we can get you inspired to create a look that can incorporate pieces that you have questioned for so long.

The process of the book was actually really fun! It was broken down in a few steps-

  1. The first was to find the perfect homes. I decided to stay in Boise for all of the shoots. I asked a variety of homeowners (some clients, others friends) if we could use their homes. I went to each home and did some major and minor styling.
  2. The following week, Paige French (photographer genius) met me in Boise and we started a 4 FULL day photo shoot. We averaged 3 homes per day! And did I mention that Paige was 5 months pregnant?! She’s a BOSS!
  3. Next came text. Like I said before, this book goes from room to room, giving lots of practical tips.  I went through each photo that was chosen for the book and allowed those spaces to inspire advice and instruction. Design is such a personal choice, so I worked really hard to create a book that anyone can find inspiration and help.
  4. The layout is so important for a design book. Sterling Publishing and I worked really well together, creating pages that tell a story that can hopefully spark creativity in YOU!
  5. After all was said and done, I proof read, we changed things, I proof read again, and we changed some other things.
  6. And then I waited…..

Until the book is available, you can pre-order your copy HERE before it is released on October 4th. I am not looking to make loads of money from this, because unless I sell to the entire country of Australia, I won’t. But I DO want to inspire loads of people to become their own best stylist!

Collage photos by Hailey Wilson and Karen E Photography.

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