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Some fantastic finds…

I was way behind on my Google Reader so when I finally caught up today I found some fantastic finds to say the least. There are so many creative people out there and so many fabulous spaces. When you start to think that everything has been thought of you seem to find something lovely!

via Decor 8, Oh Joy, Design Sponge and Desire to Inspire.

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Comments (11)

  1. The room with the P on the wall makes me drool. I want to “beam it up Scotty!” right into my living room. So lovely.

  2. There’s something about staircases with no railing that makes my stomach hurt. Haha. Gorgeous finds though!

  3. The feeling of having seen almost everything is present for most of us from time to time. Maybe we try too hard to be inventive? I read something nice a while ago: There’s no such thing as originality anymore, but there still is individuality. I can’t remember the exact wording anymore because I’ve got a non-stick brain, but I think this idea is quite lovely – as are these photos you’ve collected for us to enjoy!

  4. That style shown is exactly where I think the market is right now;
    and oh so chic!

    thanks for posting that – I’ve been trying to find a photo of what I was thinking.